Nancy Severino
Malden, Massachusetts

Cell: Text: 339-224-0417
If no answer please leave a message or a txt.

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We have Kittens!

Available Kittens

Please contact Nancy @ 339-224-0417 please leave a message or txt.


If you are interested in kitten availability, please email me or call 339-224-0417
If no answer please leave a message or a txt
, thank you!


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Available Adults

No retired breeders at this time.

If you are interested or would like more information, please email me or call 339-224-0417
If no answer please leave a message or a txt
, thank you!

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If you are interested in reserving a kitten, a $500 non-refundable deposit will hold your kitten.
No Shipping!
Chocolate and Lilac kittens are $100 more than the traditional blue and seal kittens - these colors are considered very rare.


Good morning Nancy,
I never knew what a true Ragdoll was until I received one from YOU. He is more than I could have imagined. He is sooo Sweet, he is always on his back in my arms with his little paws needing the air, we are just in awe over him. He truly is something very special and I now know why Billy didn’t want to give this one up.
Last night he slept with me and only woke me up once at 3:30 playing with my necklace more like wanting to eat it due to teething. He is just so cute, we are all in love with him. We still need a name for the little darling.
Gaby is not too happy with me for bring someone knew into her life. Kasey the Maine Coon is adjusting very well with him no growling or spitting from him. The baby is eating and drinking. He has used the litter box too. Actually when I showed him the litter boxes he went as soon as I showed him.
Nancy I have to tell you something, I am so happy I got him from you, you really have given me a special gift. I will never forget you and I will be buying more kittens from you.
When I picked him up yesterday there were others waiting for pets too and when they saw him they all wanted to know what the breed was and all of them thought he was the most beautiful kitten they had seen. When I opened the carrier he was waiting to come out and meet all of us. When we talked in the car he was on my shoulder looking out the window. The only time he cries is if I am not in eye sight. If I leave the room he starts to cry right away or if he does not see me right away he starts to cry. It is a little like having a new baby again, but I love it. Once again Nancy thank you for a Very Special Little Gift.
Fondly, Jeanne


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