Radiant Rags Ragdoll Cattery


The Seller and Buyer Agree to the Following Conditions and Agreement

  1. Seller agrees to provide kitten/cat registration blue slip at the time of sale unless, if not received from TICA, immediately upon breeder's receipt of these papers.
  2. Seller agrees to provide a complete medical record of all age appropriate vaccination this cat has received along with the following health guarantee:
  3. Seller will guarantee the cat/kitten to be free of FELV and FIV at the time of pickup or delivery.
  4. Cat has a one (1) year replacement guarantee against hereditary or genetic defects diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. If for any reason, said cat/kitten the buyer will be responsible for any and all medical bills, and shipping costs while the cat was in their possession.
  5. An additional year will be added to the health guarantee (replacement) if the kitten is on Life's Abundance cat food during this time.
  6. A 25.00 discount will be given off the price of the kitten if signed up with Life's Abundance at kitten pickup.
  7. Should the cat die within the one year period and a direct result of an hereditary defect the cat will be replaced only if an appropriate autopsy is preformed by a licensed veterinarian (at buyers expense) and the vet's certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. Under no conditions shall the Seller be responsible for payment of any medical treatment provided to the feline by buyer.
  8. If for any reason the buyer needs to euthanize the cat/kitten please notify the seller before procedure is carried out.
  9. If owner does not follow vaccination and feeding instructions, or allows the cat/kitten outdoors unsupervised, the seller will not guarantee anything concerning the health of this cat/kitten.
  10. Buyer shall be responsible for any veterinary and health care costs occurring while the cat/kitten is in the possession of the buyer, except as provided for the by the above guarantee.
  11. Seller provides a 48 hour guarantee against upper respitory infection, worms, fungus, or ear mites.
  12. Buyer is advised to take the cat/kitten to a certified veterinarian for complete examination if health is in doubt.
  13. This cat/kitten is under contract not to be declawed , a tendonectomy or lased claw removal. If any of these procedures are done, contract is null and void.
  14. Proper indoor housing, diet, and general health care must be provided, and this cat/kitten will not be allowed to roam outdoors unless in an enclosed pen.
  15. Under no circumstances is this cat/kitten to be sold to any pet shop, research lab, or similar facility. If the buyer must surrender the cat/kitten for any reason. the breeder /Seller must be notified. Breeder will assist in re homing.
  16. If the cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, the buyer will surrender said cat/kitten with registration papers to the Seller unconditionally.
  17. The Buyer is not to give the FIP or FeLV vaccine to the cat/kitten or this contract is void.
  18. Although rare blue eyed Solid White ragdoll could be deaf, this has no bearing on the cat/kitten's health. The Seller is not held responsible.

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Breeder/Seller _______________________Date______________

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