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Malden, Massachusetts

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My Cattery

My cattery is located in Malden, 5 miles north of Boston. I’m a small cattery and my Ragdolls are raised with love and are a part of my family. My cats and kittens are never caged.

The colors that I work with are seals and blues. My patterns are the bicolor, mitted, colorpoint and lynx. My cats have all been scanned for HCM and are also FELV & FIV negative. My cattery is registered with TICA and CFA. I sell pet quality kittens. All my kittens will be altered before they go to their new home. I have a strict “no declaw” clause in my contract.

My kittens come with registration papers from TICA, a health record and a sales contract. I also have information on nutrition. My cats and kittens are raised on an all natural cat food and vitamin system to insure optimal health.

History of the Ragdoll

The Ragdoll was founded in California in the 60’s by a woman named Ann Baker. The foundation cat for this breed was an ordinary non-pedigree cat named Josephine. Josephine was a white, long-haired cat who belonged to Baker’s neighbor. Josephine was half feral. She was hit by a car and was nursed back to health. After the accident her kittens were very social and relaxed. One theory goes that the road accident changed Josephine's genes, which is quite impossible.

Another theory suggest that Josephine had a mutation in her reproductive cells, which is possible in theory, but highly unlikely since there must be more that one gene responsible for the kittens temperament. Ann saw something special about the kittens and she eventually decided to use them for creating a new breed.

Ragdolls are “people oriented” cats. They wait for their human to come home and follow them everywhere like shadows. Ragdolls are calm, yet moderately active and like to play. They have an easy-going attitude, and they get along well with other animals and children. They enjoy having their tummys rubbed.

Female Ragdolls weigh about 8-15 lbs and males around 12-20 lbs. Ragdolls grow slowly. It takes them approximately 3 years to reach maturity.

Ragdolls have a very soft, medium-long hair. All Ragdolls are “pointed” cats, meaning that their faces, ears, legs and tails are darker than the body.

The Ragdoll is still a relatively rare breed. Ragdolls are accepted by most cat associations and some breeders are working on introducing new colors and patterns to the breed.





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